Jacintha Bell, BSc (OT)

Jacintha Bell

Principal Occupational Therapist

Jacintha is a senior occupational therapist, graduating with a BSc (Occupational Therapy) from Curtin University WA in 2001. She has over 15 years of experience as an OT. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals, community mental health services, and pain clinics, and is experienced in assessment and treatment in the areas of mental health and chronic pain.

Jacintha has a passion for working with people who experience chronic conditions to help them achieve their goals, develop new skills, and overcome any barriers they may face in order to live the life they want to.

Jacintha is registered with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. She is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia, the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, and the Australian Pain Society.

Jacintha often provides professional development in the areas of mental health and chronic pain to other health professionals and has tutored at both undergraduate and postgraduate level within the School of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University.

Jacintha is a mother with three young sons. One of her sons has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, so she has first-hand experience with managing this condition.

Special Interests

Chronic Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Neuromodulation, Severe and complex mental health conditions, Veterans Care, Chronic Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Welfare Advocacy.

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