Jacqui Main

Jacqui Main (Australia)

Jacqui is an Exercise Physiologist who completed a Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movement and Graduate Diploma of Exercise Rehabilitation in Ballarat, class 2005.

Jacqui has worked in the hospital setting early in her career for 6 years treating road trauma patients, university lecturing, always been involved in sport herself at a high level and worked in football clubs for 17 years before retiring this role when she had her first child in 2019. Jacqui also worked in occupational rehabilitation for 6 years, corporate health and wellbeing, private practice, and now has her own business, Dizzy Zebras focusing on her passion of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) and the comorbidities of autonomic dysfunction syndromes, dysautonomia, pain syndromes, ME/CFS, MCAS as well as running a private Facebook Group for people wanting to start a family, support for pregnancy and post-partum care. Jacqui presented at the 2022 Arizona EDS Conference in the area of pregnancy and post-partum care.

Jacqui treats patients nationally and internationally with a passion in helping people who have been on a similar journey to her with these invisible illnesses. Jacqui is a dedicated clinician who sees patients from 13 years of age, and is passionate about evidenced based practice, education, and movement therapy as a priority in managing their conditions.

Having been an attendee at several EDS ECHO programs, Jacqui is now a facilitator on the EDS ECHO AHP Australia program.