Jaime Bravo

Jaime Bravo

Rheumatologist (Chile)

I am a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Chile, rheumatologist, working in private practice in Santiago, Chile. I am a member of the Rheumatology Department of San Juan de Dios Hospital, where I attend meetings and teach once a week. My practice is dedicated mainly to Ehlers-Danlos type III patients and Dysautonomia. I have seen about 4,000 EDS-III patients since I came back to Chile 17 years ago. Prior to this, I spent 30 years in Denver, Colorado, USA, where I was in private practice and teaching. I became Clinical Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology) at the University of Colorado Health Science Center.

I was the director of the Regional Arthritis Program for the states of Colorado and Wyoming for two years. I was an active member of the Arthritis Foundation where I served for 30 years participating in different committees, mainly in public education.

Together with Prof. Rodney Grahame I have been coordinator of the Joint Hypermobility Study Group since 2007, which meets yearly at the ACR.

I wrote the chapter about Dysautonomia in the Hakim & Keer Hypermobility book (London) and the chapter on Hypermobility in the Rheumatology book of Prof. Luis Vidal from Lima, Perú.

I treat patients with EDS III and Dysautonomia every day. My main publication on Hypermobility was in the Arthritis & Rheumatism journal, February 2006. In that article I described the “typical EDS-III facial appearance”, which has been very useful to me to suspect this diagnosis and to which apparently nobody has paid any attention. I have also described several other useful signs that help to suspect this diagnosis, such as: the lax scribe hand, the elephant paw tract sign, the porcelain skin, the younger facial appearance of female EDS III patients, the hand holding the face sign.

Internationally I have been invited to give talks or to participate in EDS Meetings in: Guatemala City (two); London, UK ; Barcelona, Spain (two) ; Sao José do Río Preto, Brasil (two) ; Punta del Este (Uruguay) ; Lima, Perú, ; Paris (France) ; Murcia, Spain. Also in Santiago, Chile at the PANLAR 2010 and I will participate in CONO SUR (South America) 2015.

My most important contribution to the study and dissemination of information and help to EDS patients has been my Personal Rheumatological Web Site (www.reumatologia-dr-bravo.cl) created in 1999, which has received more than 400,000 visits.

I collaborate internationally on hypermobility with Prof. Rodney Grahame (UK), Prof. Antonio Bulbena (Spain), Prof. Claude Hamonet (France), Prof. Lars Remvig ( Denmark), psychologist Carolina Baeza-Velasco(chilean working in Paris) and lately with Dr. Marco Castori (Italy).