Take My Hand

Posted June 1, 2021

Take My Hand

I am a musician and teacher, diagnosed with EDS in 2020 at age 45.

I have been suffering with symptoms of pain and fatigue (and more) since my mid-twenties, although the signs of EDS were there in my childhood, we just didn’t recognize them. It’s been a very long, hard journey, and there is so much farther yet to travel.

I’m thankful to at least have some kind of map, in my various diagnoses. It is no fun being misdiagnosed and sent on long trails that lead to more pain and frustration. I am very happy to help get the word out on this condition, as I do not want others to suffer needlessly as I did, with surgeries and therapies that only made me worse. I have been pushing through the health difficulties for decades but now that I’m in my 40’s it’s a lot harder.

In 2020, I quit my outside work and won’t return until I feel a greater measure of health. To occupy and comfort myself, as well as to bless others, I spent the past year working on a solo piano album, Take My Hand, dedicated to those who suffer chronic disease, that will be released May or June 2021. I’m so happy that I can continue working in a way that is satisfying and meaningful! I hope my album encourages other Zebras to press on and find their place, despite the challenges. I hope it also raises awareness, as so many people haven’t even heard of EDS. More of my story can be found at www.jenniferbondbaker.com

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