Julia Hush, Hush PhD, BSc(Hons), BAppSc(Phty), GradCertEdStud, FRSN

Julia Hush, PhD

Physiotherapist (Australia)

Julia Hush PhD, BSc(Hons), BAppSc(Phty), GradCertEdStud, FRSN, is Associate Professor of Physiotherapy and Department Director of Research in the Department of Health Professions at Macquarie University. Her clinical expertise is in pain management and her current research program includes clinical pain neuroscience, paediatric pain, personalised back pain treatment and neuropathic pain. Since 2012, Julia has been engaged in the development and delivery of the new entry-level Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) program at Macquarie University. Her teaching roles include pain education, evidence-based healthcare and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has led the integration of the IASP Pain Curriculum into the DPT program.