Kaisa Syväoja

Kaisa Syvaoja

Patient Expert

Kaisa Syväoja holds her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. She is practicing primarily as an occupational therapist in chronic pain management as part of an interdisciplinary team. She routinely works with patients with a variety of hypermobility disorders, some of which have formal Ehlers-Danlos syndrome diagnoses. She has given several presentations on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to physicians and other healthcare providers to increase awareness within healthcare communities in Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Kaisa also serves on the Minnesota Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA) as chair for the Northwest District and co-chair for the Chronic Pain Special Interest Group. Both groups are committed to increasing participation within the profession and advocacy for patients and clinicians. Aside from her involvement with MOTA she is interested and involved with organizations committed to addressing health disparities.

Her research interests include impact of EDS on daily life, hypermobility and proprioception, and postural instability. She is a published contributing author and continues to seek new research and outreach opportunities related to EDS, secondary complications to hypermobility disorders and syndromes, health literacy, and health promotion.

Kaisa was diagnosed with EDS as a teenager and hopes to be able to use her understanding and background to assist others that live with EDS every day.