Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

Posted August 13, 2021

Ehlers-Danlos has been one of the most challenging mountains to climb in life. From the actual symptoms to staggering medical collections. Beginning to end, it’s truly a strife too many of us know all too well. Yet, not many know of or about EDS.

Our stories sound so much the same! A clumsy childhood (maybe even more so in this so-called adulthood), random and extremely painful days, stomach issues…the list goes on. Through reading all of these stories posted, we also share something on the other side of this grief~ hope, strength, and happiness.

Many things have taught me to be kind, passionate, and always look at the brighter side of things, EDS being one of the main reasons. I’ve learned at a young age to not be easily embarrassed. I can’t count how many times I’ve fallen down the stairs or dislocated at the finish line of a track meet or even just standing up from the couch and falling to my face. On the non-dislocation side of things, flatulence is always escaping at the most inappropriate times! Choking on food is also guilty of the same thing, and whether together with both passing gasses and/or choking, vomit is something I’ve always despised to do, yet, it’s all too often now. Age sure brings on more flare-ups and rather embarrassing moments.

This is what’s made me a goofball. Sometimes all you can do is laugh, even if it’s through the pain. The embarrassing moments, well, I think I may use them to help others around me not be so embarrassed. Heaven knows I’m pretty used to these moments, so I can only imagine how awkward others would feel. Even dislocations can be turned into jokes. Crooked back can be turned into a great re-enactment or children’s storybook character.

Truth is, if I couldn’t laugh, I would fade away in lost hope, loneliness, and despair. Finding any medical assistance for appointments, further testing, or financially is very frustrating. Finding others who understand living with EDS…well, there are very few I’ve met in person. It’s a comfort to know we’re not alone out there. Thank you ALL for that. Here’s to more support for the Zebras, keep those chins up!

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