Karelle Bénistan, MD

General Practitioner, Post Graduate in Medical Genetics and Pain Management (France)

“The care of patients with EDS is a recognized activity of Dr. Bénistan (14 years of experience in the Department of Medical Genetics: 4 years in the European Georges Pompidou Hospital and 10 years in the Raymond Poincaré Hospital ). She takes care of a cohort of approximately 2000 EDS patients.

Since 2007, Dr. Bénistan has been part of the EDS National Reference Center, has been certified by the Ministry of Health and has participated in the national care of non vascular EDS patients. She acts as a scientific counselor for French patients’ associations.

Dr. Bénistan works in collaboration with the vascular EDS National Reference Center, coordinated by Professor Xavier Jeunemaitre and with the rare bone diseases National Reference Center, coordinated by Professor Valérie Cormier-Daire.”

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