Karen Huntley

Karen Huntley is a Team Manager at Healthwatch Calderdale, which is one of an England-wide network of local Healthwatch organisations. Healthwatch Calderdale is a charity, which listens to what local people say about their health and social care services and shares these views with those with the power to make change happen; aiming to make care better. In her day to day role, Karen manages projects, all of which focus on collecting people’s feedback regarding health and social care. She also manages the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service for her local area which is provided by Healthwatch Calderdale. Recently she led the Healthwatch hypermobility syndromes project, on behalf of all local Healthwatch across Yorkshire and the Humber, which focused on collecting the health and social care experiences of adults with these syndromes across the region.

Karen has worked previously with people with chronic health conditions as an advocate, a wellbeing practitioner, a horticultural therapist and a health coach. She has also worked as an analyst. Her key interests are health, nutrition, the outdoors, reading, supporting and empowering people as well as the self-care of chronic health conditions.Karen has hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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