Published: 27/06/2019 Tags: In Memoriam

Kimberly Cappo (Gatza)

My mother, Kimberly Cappo, passed away at the young age of 36. I was 15, my brother was two, and my sister was just four days old. 

From a young age, nobody knew what my mother was experiencing. She would bruise easily and the slightest thing could tear open her skin. Years later they diagnosed her, but nothing was ever really done to help her — if there even was anything they could do. Four days after my sister was born, she hemorrhaged and our world flipped upside down when we lost her so suddenly. It’s now been seven years and I’m still having a hard time with the loss of her. She had the type of patience I can only dream of having, she was beautiful (inside and out), was so caring of others and animals, and she always knew what to say.

I don’t exactly know what type of EDS my mother had, but I’ve heard it was a vascular type. My brother also has a type of EDS, but not the same as my mother. I’m afraid to lose another one of my favorite people to this syndrome. Forever hoping that one day there will be more knowledge and ways to help those with EDS.

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