Published: 20/05/2017 Tags: Ehlers-Danlos in the News

“Let’s talk about EDS”, a short documentary by Aneela Shakoor

Student Aneela Shakoor has produced and directed a documentary about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes for her final project as a film student at the University of Salford. Aneela does not have an EDS and did not know anyone living with it but she was moved by the lack of awareness anywhere about this condition. We thank Aneela for making this excellent and informative documentary about the Ehlers-Danlos.

A few words from Aneela on this project,

“Producing and directing this film became more than just a final project for my studies. I was spreading awareness, telling stories that deserved to be heard and raising issues present in the medical profession. I stumbled across an article one day, highlighting someone’s struggles with EDS. I became empathetic and realised my documentary-making skills could make a small difference within the EDS community if it reached the right audience. The right audience is everyone that doesn’t know anything about the condition and the people that thought they knew everything. “Let’s Talk About EDS” is the start of my documentary-making career, where I believe it’s all about powerful stories and strong people. I haven’t come across people with more strength in their hearts than the people I have been on this journey with. Thank you Lara, you are amazing.”

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