Lies Rombaut, PhD

Physiotherapy (Belgium)

I am a physiotherapist, working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at the Ghent University and at Centre for Medical Genetics of the Ghent University Hospital in Belgium.

My research focuses on the clinical aspects of the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, specifically the hypermobility type and hypermobility related disorders. My PhD was focused on the evaluation of neuromuscular determinants for joint instability, functional impairment and disease impact, and current treatment in EDS-HT.

Afterwards, I performed a study regarding chronic pain in EDS-HT in which we found evidence for generalized hyperalgesia and consequently central sensitization by measures of pressure pain thresholds. My most recent study evaluated the knowledge, assessment and management of adults with EDS-HT among Flemish physiotherapists.

I have international research collaborations regarding hypermobility with Prof. B. Juul-Kristensen (Denmark), Prof. R. Engelbert (The Netherlands), Prof. J. Simmonds (UK), and Dr. M. Castori (Italy).

Next to my research and teaching activities, I do have consults once a week at the Centre for Medical Genetics for patients with EDS-HT/JHS with advice regarding physiotherapy, physical activity, pain management, etc.

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