May Awareness – Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge

Walk n Roll Challenge

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What is the Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge?

Join The Ehlers-Danlos Society to help increase awareness of EDS and HSD, globally, by taking on the Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge! Our goals are worldwide awareness—and a better quality of life for individuals affected by these conditions. By working together to raise awareness, we can give hope and progress change.

The Walk ‘N’ Roll challenge is a great way to raise awareness from wherever you are in the world! Read on to learn more and take part.

How to Take Part

How do I take part in the global Walk ‘N’ Roll Challenge?

You can take part in an activity of your choice! This could be walking up and down the length of your garden, going for a walk or run using a treadmill, using a wheelchair or adaptive device, or walking anywhere you can enjoy! Be sure to stay safe and socially distance where needed.  

There are many different ways to record your distance in the Walk ‘n’ Roll challenge including:

  1. Pedometer
  2. Smartphone Health App (many devices have an app built-in)
  3. Running and cycling apps such as Strava, Runtastic, MapmyRun 

Raise funds: Connect Strava with your JustGiving fundraiser!

If you would like to raise funds during May, you can now connect your Fundraising Pages to Strava in three simple steps.

Step one: Create your Strava account.

Step two: Login to your JustGiving account (set up a UK Fundraising Page or US Fundraising Page) and view the Fundraising Page that you want to connect with. Scroll down your Fundraising Page and select the ‘Connect Strava’ button.

Step three: Get ready for May! As soon as you have clicked the ‘Connect Strava’ button and entered your details, you can use Strava as normal to track your activities and choose which updates to share on your Fundraising Page or social media.

Want to take on the walk ‘n’ roll challenge as a team with family or friends? Click here to learn more about JustGiving Teams!

You can also raise funds in the currency of your choice with a Facebook Fundraiser, or with a Network For Good page!

I started experiencing symptoms as early as elementary school but didn’t start thinking something was wrong until I was about 12. It took seven years to finally diagnose me with EDS (and POTS, RSD, ME, and endo) but here I am!

For the entire month of May, I dedicated every mile/kilometer to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome awareness via The Ehlers Danlos Society Walk ‘n’ Roll. Every push and walk was an Act of Awareness for the disease that affects my body every day. I’ve done plenty of 5k’s and 10k for causes close to my heart but covering 128k in one month for the chronic illness I HAVE was truly amazing. Abby