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Megan King featured on debut episode of podcast, “People You Should Know”

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It’s here! The debut episode of People You Should Know Podcast! Every Wednesday, listeners will be exposed to a new individual who deserves to be spotlighted. These people are selected for their work in the realm of patient advocacy and philanthropy or because they are doing something outside of the norm with their life.

The first guest of the podcast is Megan King. Megan is an advocate for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Megan was diagnosed with EDS when she was in high school. For the better portion of the past decade, Megan has been chronicling her battle online in an attempt to raise EDS awareness, as EDS is a condition that is underrepresented in society and lacks resources within the medical community.


Bill Coon is a two-time heart transplant recipient, kidney recipient, author, professional speaker and patient advocate.

After being diagnosed with end-stage heart and kidney failure in 2009, Bill later spent 70 days in the Intensive Care Unit of a Chicago hospital waiting for the gift of life. While he waited, Bill wrote a journal each day with the hope of someday creating a book that would serve as a support system to anybody who was ill. That book later became SWIM: A Memoir of Survival, an international seller that has aided thousands in overcoming the mental battle of various illnesses. Bill later went on to become a patient advocate and sought-after speaker who uses his story to inspire thousands each year.

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