Melanie Macleod

Board of Directors

Melanie Macleod graduated as a doctor in 1993 with an honours degree from Liverpool University in the UK. She soon specialised in Paediatric Neurology obtaining her Membership of the Royal College college of Paediatricians in 1995. In 1997 she worked at Guys Hospital  as a Paediatric Neuromuscular Senior Registrar and saw many cases of EDS. At that time it was thought that most of the symptoms apart from hypermobility were psychological and so management was very different to how it is now. In 1997 Melanie set up, with her husband John, a health care company providing 24-hour waking care and support to people with epilepsy and other complex needs. In 2019 the company was sold for the highest price per bed of any care company in the UK, at this stage it supported 178 service users and over 400 staff.  Melanie has two children, Hannah age 20 who sadly suffers with hypermobile EDS and Michael age 18.

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