My mother became a nurse to learn wound care

Posted June 25, 2020

Moira's challenge with cEDS

I was diagnosed with EDS at four years old after being admitted to the hospital with my ‘healthy as an ox’ brother with suspected child abuse. 2 weeks later I was discharged with a diagnosis of classical Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (cEDS), and next to no information. My mother (no history or diagnosis) then studied to become a nurse for a better medical understanding and to learn wound care.⁠

EDS affects my life mostly through bruising and lacerations, which hold me back from activities and stop me in my tracks during the trauma. I always scar and get a lot of discoloration on my legs esp around scars. Opening a car door sliding across my leg can tear my skin (full thickness) and not pull a thread in my leggings. I have rolled over in bed and managed to knee the wall tearing my skin. Fortunately, I married a nurse who will patch me up whilst I’m still half asleep.⁠

My joints are hypermobile but I am fortunate that I have very few subluxations. I have flat feet and use orthopedic insoles, and have issues with bunions which cause awful pain walking up hills walking fast and pushing prams, etc.

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