My sister wasn’t believed.

Posted July 14, 2021

CW // Discussion of suicide and death.

Growing up I rarely complained. I broke my wrists a few times, had the odd migraine and stomach pain, but that was about it.

My youngest sister got sick at around age sixteen, two years before I started to be affected. Nobody believed her. They blamed eating disorders, wanting medication, etc. you name it.

At age eighteen, I had gotten toxic shock syndrome and started dealing with issues I’d never experienced. I was always in pain, started throwing up constantly, couldn’t eat, couldn’t get out of bed from the pain, and just being so exhausted. Our diseases continued progressing without any help from medical professionals.

My sister took her life last year at age seventeen, less than three months after the passing of our father. This disease just overcame her.

After she passed they decided we were telling the truth, ran test after test on me, and finally diagnosed me. My sister saved my life.

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