I share to help other families understand EDS

Posted June 15, 2021


Hello, I’m Mpho, I’m 15 years old and I was born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I was diagnosed on 28 October which is my birthday, and I was diagnosed at the third largest hospital in the world in 2017.

I’m known as the scar-faced weirdo that doesn’t have friends. I’m born in a Black family that didn’t know about EDS and often told me to suck it up each time I had problems with my health, and the scars I gained from doing activities that were not made for people like me.

I’m hoping by sharing this it’ll help a family just like mine to learn more and understand EDS. My diagnosis helped me a lot to understand what was wrong with me. I’m hoping some people will be lucky as me and get peace of mind. Ever since I was diagnosed I knew I had to fight for awareness to help other people.

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