Paolo A. Bolognese, MD

Paolo A. Bolognese, MD

Neurosurgeon (USA)

After training in Neurosurgery both in Europe and in the US, Dr. Bolognese, joined his mentor Dr. Milhorat at the Chiari Institute.

In 2002, Dr. Bolognese and Dr. Milhorat first identified the association of EDS Chiari I Malformation and the magnitude of the incidence of craniocervical instability in the EDS population.

In 2003, they started a cooperation with Dr. Francomano and Dr. McDonnell from NIH, which culminated in a seminal article titled “Syndrome of occipitoatlantoaxial hypermobility, cranial settling, and chiari malformation type I in patients with hereditary disorders of connective tissue” (2007), which also introduced a host of morphometric parameters to further define the biomechanics for this cohort of patients.

Since then, Dr. Bolognese has performed more than 800 craniocervical fusions on EDS patients.

In 2011, he has adopted an innovative technique for craniocervical fusions, which utilizes condylar screws, and presents peculiar advantages for EDS patients