Partially sighted Ivybridge teenager shines for Great Britain’s gymnastics squad

Posted February 18, 2016

Balancing on a beam that is only four inches wide is a scary thought – doing that when you are partially blind is very scary indeed. But that is exactly what gymnast, Tiri Hughes, is able to do. Gymnastics is a sport that wasn’t designed for blind people but Tiri loves it, she tells EMILY SMITH

Running along a gym mat, jumping perfectly onto a beam only four inches wide and balancing on it to perform a routine requires some skill. So too does holding your weight from rings meters off the ground and gracefully swinging from a number of bars.

One girl who does all these things and more with skill and precision is 17-year-old Tiri Hughes, who has been partially sighted since birth – a minority when 95 per cent of blind people are aged 65 or over.

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