Rana Tyson

My name is Rana Tyson and I am a Registered Nurse, certified in Inpatient Obstetrics, with almost 19 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse in a large metropolitan hospital in Dallas, Texas, USA. I am married and a mother to three daughters. I am a co-founder and co-chair of Fractured Families, LLC., an organization dedicated to raising awareness, protecting and advocating for families falsely accused of child abuse. My family went through the nightmare of false allegations in 2010 when our 4 week old twin daughters presented with unexplained metaphyseal fractures in their legs. Our children were removed from our care for 5 months and ultimately were reunited with my husband and I after a clinical diagnosis of EDS and vitamin D deficiency rickets was made with the help of our primary pediatrician, local geneticist, pediatric orthopedist and endocrinologist and consulting pediatric radiologist.  WES testing further confirmed the diagnosis of myopathic EDS (COL121A defect) years later. It is my hope to offer a unique perspective as one whom was falsely accused and now as an advocate offering support, resources and awareness for those also being falsely accused and to the medical, social services and law enforcement communities.

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