Research Surveys

The Ehlers-Danlos Society posts any surveys here that have IRB approval to give our community the opportunity to take part in research. By posting these survey opportunities this does not serve as an endorsement of the research taking place.

Pilates: Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core

This study is asking whether an on-line Pilates course “Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core” can benefit people with hEDS/HSD. Participants will complete 30-45 minutes of on-line questionnaires asking about pain, function, and quality of life. Participants will then be given (free) access to the on-line Pilates course, which includes 5 modules that each last about 25 minutes; the goal is to do 3 modules per week for 8 weeks. These Pilates exercises are slow, gentle movements that focus on body awareness, breathing, slow controlled movement, and relaxation. Participants will repeat the questionnaires after 8 weeks of doing the Pilates, and again 6 months later. You may omit any exercise or movement that causes discomfort and should not do anything that you feel is not safe for you.

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