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‘Selfish’ drivers making life impossible for disabled shoppers

SELFISH drivers are making life ‘impossible’ for disabled shoppers in Stratford.

Chloe Print Lambert suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which leaves her reliant on a specialist wheelchair to get around as she has no use of her legs.

Due to the fatigue and daily struggles with stomach problems and joint dislocation, 21-year-old Chloe is often in hospital or at the Bidford family home – which was recently revamped as part of television show DIY SOS, with the episode set to air later this year.

On the occasions she is well enough to get out of the house, blue badge holder Chloe goes to Stratford.

But sometimes she has to turn around and go back home again because there are no suitable parking spaces.

The former Stratford Girls’ Grammar School pupil – who is most often driven by mum Suze or partner Jordan – told the Observer: “I’ve been struggling with people parking in disabled spaces in town, parking over lines and obstructing dropped curbs even to the point we have had to just drive home because we can’t park.

Chloe – whose illness is not curable but is controllable with medication – is hoping by speaking up about inconsiderate drivers, people might think twice before they park in or obstruct a disabled space.

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