Published: 25/07/2018


by Bridgette H.

Just a little farther
Only a single step
A baby topples over
Held out longer than you bet
He was ever so daring
As he took those steps with pride
If you couldn’t see my envy
Even I would know you lied

A task, a skill so easy
We take for granted every day
And when you can no longer, you miss it more than you can say
I race, I fly, I jump so high, I even jog around
I dream, my legs are free and boundless standing on the ground
Sometimes I want to run away
Feel the wind blow through my hair
Go real fast and not look back, just as far as I would dare

It might be nice not to think, to glide and go with ease
Instead, I gaze, look around, and stop as though I please

I’ll stay behind, I’ll catch up, you’ll bump me as you pass
I’ll wait and rest and contemplate, how much longer this will last
You’ll stare at me and wonder why I don’t move as though you do
Another step, another minute, I only wish the fact you knew

What you’re missing as you’re going by
Is all that you will need
The lonely quiet voices, the ones that you must heed
I can spin and dance and be carefree and never count my pace
With every step I couldn’t take, I learned my saving grace-
To go a little farther, more than I once bet
What you make of what you have is all you ever get
So don’t rush around, don’t hurry by
Take your steps with care
For me, I won’t forget- being bound by that steel chair



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