Published: 28/11/2022

I am proud of who I am

Pained joints, low energy, and hunger. Attributes like these follow you. When I was growing up, I had lots of medical mysteries which caused me to hide from the world. This resulted in me gaining weight and keeping physical activities to a minimum. Learning that I suffered from a chronic illness which affects my connective tissues causing me to have joint pain and fatigue made everything ‘click’ for my family and me. The medications we thought helped were doing the opposite, and I now needed to adjust. From there, nothing could stop me. I would find some way to exercise no matter how ridiculous it was. As an example, when it got cold out and I could no longer walk outside, I adapted. I started to walk around our living room couch, I would put on a TV show on my iPad, and I would walk miles. As a result of sometimes walking eleven plus miles around the couch and keeping up the exercise, I went from two hundred and fifty-five pounds to one hundred and sixty pounds in under a year. No matter how implausible it looked, I kept going.

After gaining confidence in myself and my abilities, I decided that I wanted to make my parents proud and get a job. I applied for a job at my local bank. After many sleepless nights I was interviewed and offered a seasonal teller job before school started. I was able to grow accustomed to a faster paced life, a life with a big responsibility. Every day I would clock in knowing I would do better. I knew I was perfecting my craft.

Education was a hassle growing up. My medical mysteries caused me to be unreliable. Friendships and studies alike deteriorated. I have newfound courage and confidence, however. I want to succeed. With that want in mind, I applied for the nursing program. However, plans changed last minute and now I am majoring in Engineering Science. I have not lost my interest in helping others and healthcare, so I am now currently taking extracurricular Emergency EMT classes. Life is busier than ever now, but I am happy to be doing all this. Putting in one hundred percent of my effort is not easy, but I would regret it if I did not follow up on my interests. Regret is a powerful foe.

Overall, I believe my three greatest achievements would be the following: My determination which resulted in me improving my health and losing ninety pounds. My confidence to get out of my comfort zone and get a job. Lastly, moving up in life by starting college and having the courage to take extra classes. I am proud of who I am, what I have done so far with much more to come.

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