Louisiana Support Groups and Charities

Louisiana EDS Zebras is our Louisiana Ehlers-Danlos syndrome support group. This group is made up of those living in Louisiana who are affected by EDS. This includes adults, children, teens, women, and men. Anyone with EDS or that has a loved one with EDS is welcome in our group. Currently we have an active Facebook group where you can learn and pass on valuable information to others. Meeting dates and locations will be sent out to all who request to be added to our email list and to the Facebook page. If you are interested in joining our Louisiana EDS Zebras group please email Angelle Painter at LouisianaEDSZebras@gmail.com and/or request to join our Facebook page. We look forward to meeting you soon!

If you have and EDS support group or charity you to add to this list, please complete the Support Group Listing Request form.