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A patient support association for people with EDS and connective tissue related symptoms. Visit www.ehlers-danlos.se.

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The EDS/HSD-föreningen welcomes everyone who suspects or has a type of EDS, HSD, symptomatic hypermobility, and related conditions and their family members. We also welcome medical professionals and/or other people who have an interest in supporting and/or learning more about EDS, HSD, and symptomatic hypermobility. We have weekly support meetings with different topics every time. The meetings take place every Thursday at 6 pm (kl. 18) and every other Sunday 2pm (kl. 14). We also provide webinars with knowledgeable speakers, two issues per year of our e-Magazine BINDVÄVEN packed with information, info-sheets to take to your medical team, etc.

The goal of EDS/HSD-föreningen is to provide correct information and knowledge to everyone who needs it and wishes to learn. We provide information to the community, to medical professionals, to teachers who meet our zebra kids, and to family and friends. We also work to improve the healthcare situation in Sweden by advocating for the EDS and HSD community. Better together is our motto and we believe that when we meet and learn together, we also get a better understanding of each other.

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