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The Ehlers-Danlos Society zebra logos shows top left of a blue graphic, a faint image of the world map shows in the background. Text reads International Day of Persons with Disabilities. #IDPWD2021. The UN logo for today is shown at the center.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Today, December 3, 2021, is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. ⁠ For years, this day has represented an awareness, understanding, and advocacy for the worldwide dignity and well-being of people with disabilities.⁠ Let’s recognize the global contributions made by people with both visible and invisible disabilities and celebrate the skills, abilities, and resilience demonstrated
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Marina takes a selfie wearing a Society tshirt in black with a white zebra. Grass and trees form a backdrop.

One story, one action, one change at a time

I come to you today as a patient expert, disability justice activist, and advocate.   Advocacy and activism is work that many people find themselves doing as a direct result of experiences they’ve had in their lives or been part of through the lives of those close to them. While not always the case, I have
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Kayla smiles into the camera

Working for accessibility

My name is Kayla Myers. I am 24 years old. I have many health issues, physical and mental. I am a blind gamer, I play video games with no useable sight. I was diagnosed with classical EDS (cEDS) in 2019. In 2016 I had a hospital admission that seemed to bring all of my EDS
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