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harry sitting on his motorized scooter

My catheter has given me control of my life back

My name is Harry, although diagnosed at 17 and being hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) didn’t affect me until I had a severe and dangerous prostate infection. This flared up my EDS. It was my bladder which EDS hit hardest first. I began retaining urine because my bladder muscles were not able to work, but I
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Harry sits in his wheelchair with a dog on his lap

Why support is key for life with EDS

My name is Harry. I was diagnosed with EDS when I was 17 due to pain caused by extreme hypermobility. However, except for that moment, it never affected me and I led a good life. At 31, I had just married the most amazing person, we had bought a house and I was thriving in
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