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young teenage girl sitting in her wheelchair smiling next to a Christmas tree on a hospital inpatient ward.⁠

I’m glad to have answers

I had my first shoulder dislocation at age 12 and my first knee dislocation; I now have about ten a day! Growing up I was naturally flexible and didn’t have to stretch like everyone else at gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading but little did I know this was not a good thing. ⁠ ⁠ From a
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The second one is of me sitting on a peak when we had gone hiking in Denali national park. I have hope that I will be able to get out of the wheelchair and hike again one day. August 2018

Make every moment count

My story is so crazy, but everyone probably says that. I didn’t have a parent who watched over my health as most parents do but looking back I can tell it was there. I was the clumsiest kid ever and had belly aches. I started having symptoms that I noticed when I got stationed in
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Ellie we need to be believed

If only people had listened

My school life was very erratic let’s say. I attended all my infant school years and the staff there were incredible and very supportive, some of which I still have contact with to this day! I wasn’t diagnosed at this point as my difficulties were all down as psychological, but I did have my PEG
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