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To the Customer Who Said I Am Part of the ‘Weak Generation’

I was bagging your groceries. You handed me a large canvas bag and told me to fit as much as I could. I loaded a few in to create a stable bottom and put the bag in the cart. You quickly stated, “I want more in the bag.” I told you I wouldn’t be able to lift that many groceries.

“You are part of the weak generation,” you said.

I was taken aback. At work, I had to hold my tongue. So here is what I want you to know:

I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Basically, my body is made of faulty material. My joints dislocate easily, I end up with daily bruises I don’t remember getting, and my organs and blood vessels can easily rupture. Recently I’ve been dealing with a shoulder that likes to regularly dislocate. At this point I’m seriously considering a large procedure in the hopes of stabilizing it. I’m facing surgery number 41. Scary thought for someone who is 28 years old, right?

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