Diagnosis was my turning point

Posted May 11, 2021

Valdimar and the two tallest men in Iceland

My story began with disappointments.

I was playing soccer, qualifying for the Icelandic national team try-outs, and having to cancel due to injuries. I was injured most of my athletic career, I pushed through but I was in continuous pain.

The mental aspect of being injured was, in my case, far worse than the physical aspect. I felt weak. I didn’t want to address my injuries due to shame.

When I got my diagnosis, at 23 years old, a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Over the next seven years, I finished my Ms degree in physical therapy, sustained two cardiac arrests, and was hired as the physical therapist for the Icelandic men’s national team in basketball. I helped a lot of people, including myself, and became extremely happy and hopeful.

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