Rock climbing had held my joints together, until the pandemic came

Posted January 28, 2021

yasmin smiles at the camera as she climbs a rocky ledge

From a young age, I had various injuries and health concerns. We knew I was hypermobile but this was never linked to any other concerns. 

I began rock climbing at age 20. I had never been able to exercise without feeling self-conscious or ridiculed for my lack of coordination or ‘effort’ due to fatigue. But climbing was different. The movement was mindful, non-repetitive, and controlled. I had a few injuries at first, but without realizing it, I built up a lot of strength. I became part of the paraclimbing community who were supportive and understanding.

Fast forward to age 25, and the pandemic. I was shielding and didn’t leave my very small flat for six weeks. My muscles deteriorated and deconditioned completely. I was in agony. Every joint began to cause me issues. The possibility of EDS was suggested to me…

Turns out it linked every symptom and injury I had ever had! Also turns out that I had become so strong, it had negated most of the more severe impacts EDS would have had on me… and then it was all gone when I couldn’t climb in the pandemic. The diagnosis has answered so many questions for me. 

Although I am suffering now, I hope for the time when I can get back to rock climbing and be strong again and manage my condition so I can qualify as a psychologist and help others that have struggles.

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