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Elise McMahon


Professional Designation: BPhysio(Hons)

Specialities: Physiotherapist

About these Clinics/Practices

I work at Bodyfit Physio with Juliet Hall who has done a lot of professional development around EDS and hypermobility conditions. I have also completed the online ECHO course for allied health professionals. At our clinic approximately 15% of our client load are hypermoblity/EDS clients. I enjoy working with this population as often they come to us after years of searching for an answer or for help. They are always so grateful for our knowledge and understanding around these conditions as it is often poorly understood outside of the EDS community. I also see a lot of dancers (approx 10% of my usual client load) who usually fall on the hypermobility spectrum.

I would say most come to us with a diagnosis of hEDS or have found us through word of mouth or the EDS healthcare practitioners directory.

Practice/Clinic Information

Bodyfit Physio
271 High Street
VIC - Victoria

https://bodyfitphysio.com.au +61-3-9481-2348


Qualification Type: Undergraduate

School Name: Charles Sturt University

Degree: BPhysio(Hons.)

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