EDS ECHO Summits

The Ehlers-Danlos Society’s EDS ECHO program supports clinicians by increasing their knowledge, helps clinicians network to discuss care, improves access to care by increasing the number of experienced clinicians, and supports community advocates in raising awareness of EDS and HSD.

The EDS ECHO Summits are virtual events that share the latest research and knowledge with community members and health professionals globally through the traditional Project ECHO® all-teach, all-learn format and are CME-accredited. The next EDS ECHO Summit event will focus on Emergency Care and takes place March 16, 2024.

Global Learning Conferences

Our Global Learning Conferences [GLC] are an annual hybrid event to unite the community, providing opportunities to interact, find support, and learn management strategies and information from world-leading experts in EDS and HSD. We welcome community members, families, carers, and junior zebras aged 6-18 to join us in person. We offer a comprehensive virtual attendance option for people worldwide to attend from anywhere they have wifi. Our 2024 GLC will take place in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, USA!

International Scientific Symposiums

The Ehlers-Danlos Society International Scientific Symposiums are triennial meetings to welcome clinicians, and basic and clinical researchers from around the world to examine the latest research, diagnostic criteria, pathways, and guidelines for management and care. The scientific meetings are for health professionals, are hybrid, and are CME-accredited. The 2025 International Scientific Symposium will take place in Canada with a virtual attendance option. The recordings from the 2022 meeting can be viewed by clinicians and researchers here. 

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