Contact Our Helpline

Our helpline team can be contacted via email or telephone, to answer your questions about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility spectrum disorders.

Find a Doctor/Therapist

The Ehlers-Danlos Society acknowledges how hard it is to find an EDS and HSD-friendly specialist across various disciplines globally, so to further our commitment to your access to management and care we have created a database that is populated by professionals submitting their information to our site.

Find a Support Group

The Ehlers-Danlos Society provides listings of support groups and charity organizations from around the world who support those living with a type of EDS and HSD. These groups are a great way to find local information, resources, and support.

Share Your Story

What would you like others to know about your life with an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or hypermobility spectrum disorder? We want to share your story!

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