An Evolution in Medical Education and Care Delivery

What is Project ECHO®

Project ECHO® addresses population health in a scalable way — moving knowledge instead of people via telementoring and collaborative care with the philosophy of we can ‘all teach, and all learn’.

The heart of the ECHO model is its hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing networks, led by expert specialist teams. The ECHO model is not “telemedicine” where specialists assume the care of the patient; it is a guided model aimed at practice improvement, in which providers retain responsibility for patients, and gain increasing independence as skills, confidence, and self-efficacy. For more information about Project ECHO® visit echo.unm.edu

In April 2019, The Ehlers-Danlos Society started the EDS ECHO program with two hubs, one at Indiana University Health, Indianapolis, IN, USA, and the other at The Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK. Over time, our programs and courses have grown to be worldwide, supporting healthcare professionals across multiple disciplines and community advocates and leaders in EDS and HSD.


EDS ECHO is a series of programs and courses for healthcare professionals across all disciplines who want to improve their ability to care for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS), hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD) and associated symptoms and conditions. Enhancing care for people with all types of EDS and HSD through case-based discussions, sharing knowledge, and expert updates is at the heart of what we do.

EDS ECHO also runs programs on advocacy and for community leaders and educators, exploring ways participants can better teach and support those living with EDS or HSD.

Participants in our programs are able to share their cases and questions in the sessions and are guided to further educational materials and support.

After taking part in a healthcare professional program, participants are invited to join us at any future EDS ECHO sessions and continue to take advantage of and support our ever-growing network of knowledgeable clinicians. We also help local and regional groups to start a program for the care of their patients, expanding the EDS ECHO network, bringing care closer to home.

The EDS ECHO program celebrates its 5th anniversary, marking half a decade of transforming the landscape of education and care for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD) worldwide. Beginning in April 2019 with hubs in the United States and the United Kingdom, EDS ECHO has grown into a global initiative, drawing healthcare professionals from across disciplines to engage in case-based discussions and share cutting-edge knowledge. 

Over these years, EDS ECHO has conducted 760 sessions, offering over 1,106 learning hours to 2,100 attendees from 44 countries. Its achievements include delivering 23 programs globally, involving 110 speakers, and presenting 520 case studies, which illustrate the complex nature of EDS and HSD. The program’s commitment to education is underscored by the provision of 847 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and the hosting of impactful EDS ECHO Summits, which have drawn 6,876 virtual attendees, highlighting its significant role in advancing healthcare education and advocacy. 

Recognized with a “Project ECHO Excellence Award” in 2023, EDS ECHO’s impact is evident in the positive feedback from participants who report enhanced knowledge, confidence, empathy and networking opportunities. These achievements translate into real-world benefits, including improved patient care and increased readiness to tackle rare disease challenges.

As EDS ECHO looks to the future, it is expanding its scope with new programs aimed at further educating and supporting healthcare professionals, caregivers, and the wider community affected by these conditions. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, education, and dedication in fostering a better understanding and management of rare diseases.

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EDS ECHO Programs & Courses

Since its inception, EDS ECHO has added several new programs to its portfolio. We continue to introduce new programs, courses, and virtual education meetings which we advertise on the Ehlers-Danlos Society Home Page, on social media, and to our registered healthcare professionals.


EDS ECHO Programs and Courses
for Healthcare Professionals


EDS ECHO Programs and Courses
for the EDS & HSD Community

Program Registration

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EDS ECHO Programs and Courses for Healthcare Professionals

EDS ECHO Program News & Updates

 Updated: April 15th, 2024

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