Sponsored Resources for Living with EDS/HSD

Resources for living with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility spectrum disorders, provided by sponsors of The Ehlers-Danlos Society. Listings here are from companies and organizations who contribute to the Society and/or offer substantive discounts to our members. The Ehlers-Danlos Society does not endorse any products. 

To be listed on this page, please see the Sponsored Resources prospectus for more information, or go directly to the application.

Comfy Bum Chair Bags: $1AUD donated back

Cushioned chair-back organizers. Fantastic new product designed by an Australian Teacher who has EDS. The cushion keeps your kids happy and comfy, while the large pockets will keep them organised and tidy. Every Comfy Bum Chair Bag sold contributes $1 to The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

Available on Amazon (AUS)

Jewel Splint: 10% Discount

Jewel Splint is creating medical finger splints that are highly functional, adjustable and beautiful. Jewel Splints are made of sterling silver, gold or their combination. Each splint is a jewel. Turn discomfort into beauty.

Watch on YouTube. Learn more at JewelSplint.com and purchase on Etsy.

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Use Discount Code: EDSCOUPON10

Canabyst CBD Marketplace: 10% discount and 5% donated back

Canabyst is a premium online marketplace for CBD products designed to improve your mood, pain management and general wellness. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality selection of healthful CBD products, from the best, most trustworthy CBD brands. We offer hundreds of CBD products from over 30 of the best brands.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ve sampled every product we sell. We chose only the finest CBD products to fit the preferences of anyone. Explore the ethical side of CBD with Canabyst. Please visit our web site, and take 10% off any CBD product on our site. We will donate 5% of any purchase made using the code below to The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

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Use Discount Code: EDS10

Aqualyte: 10% discount

Aqualyte provides an effective hydration and electrolyte replacement option for POTS patients as part of their management program. Aqualyte was developed after extensive research using workers from the mining industry and athletes. Aqualyte has been formulated based on the findings of this research. Studies included the composition of sweat, sweat rates and thermoregulation with an objective, scientific approach. Enjoy 10% off the entire Aqualyte product line by using the code POTS. Shipping only available in Australia.

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Use Discount Code: POTS

Alignmed: 10% discount AND 15% donated back

Alignmed is a wearable health and wellness product that provides muscular stimulation through tension across the posterior chain to facilitate proper posture and ergonomic positioning.  Use the weblink below and discount code EDS10 to get your 10% discount AND Alignmed will also donate 15% of your purchase to the Ehlers-Danlos Society.

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Use Discount Code: EDS10

SaltStick.com logo

SaltStick Vitassium

Get 20% off SaltStick Vitassium for life when you sign up for the SaltStick Vitassium Club

SaltStick® Vitassium is a medical food formulated to provide sodium and potassium for the clinical dietary management for patients with autonomic dysfunction including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, when increased plasma volume has been shown to be beneficial.

The Vitassium Club is strictly for individuals with dysautonomia, POTS, or EDS that use SaltStick as a daily supplement. By joining the Vitassium Club, members get the best price anywhere on Vitassium and other SaltStick Electrolytes when they order at shopsaltstick.com. No need to enter coupons or promos at checkout! Additionally, Vitassium Club members are the first to know about new medical literature, special promotions, and new products.

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Ology Essentials logo

Ology Essentials CBD & essential oils: 10% Discount for those with EDS/HSD

And we’ll donate 5% to The Ehlers-Danlos Society!

Please visit our web site, and take 10% off our CBD products and essential oils! When you make your purchase, we’ll donate 5% to The Ehlers-Danlos Society — do a good deed while saving money.

At Ology Essentials, we take our name seriously, with a research driven brand of high quality hemp products, fluffery-free aromatherapy certification program, experience based business consulting, and honest no-hype custom formulating services. We are committed to raising awareness about the science and the astounding benefits of the hemp plant, specifically CBD Oil. We will provide the science, you will reap the benefits. We are also committed to high quality single note essential oils and carefully crafted essential oils blends. Ology Essentials represents the synergy of art and science.

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Please use coupon code: EDS/HSD10