DICE EDS & HSD Global Registry Researcher Applications

Healthcare professionals and researchers who wish to access the DICE EDS & HSD Global Registry, can complete one of the two application forms below. Those who wish to share a research survey on our website and social media channels should complete the third application form. All applications will undergo a thorough review, if you have any questions do contact our team here.

Researchers who wish to share a survey on the DICE Global EDS & HSD Registry can complete the formal application below.

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In order to submit a survey you must have up-to-date IRB/Ethical approval for it to be considered. Surveys without these approvals in place at the time of application with not be considered.
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Please provide a lay summary which can be shared via The Ehlers-Danlos Society website and social media channels.
Please provide additional details such as eligibility for participation, research methods, etc.
Any file format is accepted
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The Ehlers-Danlos Society are willing to share surveys for research purposes to our community through social media. All applications need to have full ethical approval and be able to show outcome evidence. 

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Data request applications for our DICE Global EDS & HSD Registry will be opening soon.

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