Glenda Sobey, MB ChB, BSc Med (Hons), FC Derm

Glenda Sobey, MB ChB, BSc Med (Hons), FC Derm
Geneticist (UK)

Dr. Glenda J Sobey is co-founder of the UK Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome National Diagnostic Service and head of the service in Sheffield. She is Honorary Senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Since 2009, her unit has been responsible for the diagnosis of rare and complex EDS in the United Kingdom.

This tertiary/quaternary referral unit provides clinical assessment and molecular genetic diagnosis in Rare and Complex EDS. Specialist clinics in Sheffield and London see patients from across the UK for expert evaluation, and genetic testing for all known EDS genes is performed in the laboratory in Sheffield. In addition her team advises on and coordinates management of individuals with a rare type of EDS.

Together with super-specialist cardiology colleagues, Dr. Sobey has established a specialist vascular EDS (vEDS) cardiology clinic in Sheffield. The team cares for > 200 patients with vEDS and has just completed analysis of twelve years of medical management of vEDS including oral medications in this group.

Dr. Sobey is a member of the EDS International Consortium and serves on the medical and scientific board of the Ehlers-Danlos Society. She is also on the medical advisory panels for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and Annabelle’s Challenge, the vascular EDS UK charity.

Dr. Sobey has an active role in teaching and lectures nationally and internationally. She has published widely.  She is particularly interested in promoting early diagnosis in rare diseases to allow optimal outcome for patients and families.

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