Howard Levy, MD, PhD

Geneticist (USA)

Howard P Levy, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. He received his PhD in Human Genetics and his MD from University of Maryland, followed by internal medicine residency at Boston University Medical Center. He started developing expertise in Ehlers Danlos syndrome during his medical genetics fellowship at the National Human Genome Research Institute, which he completed in 1995. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Genetics. In addition to caring for patients with EDS and related hereditary disorders of connective tissue, his interests include primary care of adults with genetic conditions, genetic risk assessment for common complex diseases, integration of genetics into primary care, and improving the efficiency, utility and interoperability of EHRs (Electronic Health Records). Dr. Levy is the author of GeneReviews® “Ehlers-Danlos, Hypermobility Type.

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