Centers and Networks of Excellence FAQs

When will the Centers & Networks open? Are any currently operating?

We were delighted to welcome the CNE Program’s first cohort in the summer of 2023. For information about current Centers & Networks, please visit our Current Centers & Networks page.   

What is a Center?

Centers of Excellence are physical locations, usually housed within one organization such as a hospital, university, or clinic. Multidisciplinary and Specialty Centers of Excellence provide direct patient care in their respective areas, and are staffed by experts in EDS, HSD and/or their comorbidities. Research Centers of Excellence do not provide clinical care, but do conduct research specific to the EDS/HSD community.  

What is a Network?

Networks of Excellence are composed of two or more collaborating organizations that refer between each other and may share resources. Since they may operate in more than one physical space, Networks of Excellence usually share a geographical area or telehealth infrastructure. Multidisciplinary and Specialty Networks of Excellence provide direct patient care in their respective areas. Research Networks of Excellence do not provide clinical care, but do conduct research specific to the EDS/HSD community.

What are the benefits of becoming a Center or Network?

The Centers & Networks of Excellence Program offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • International recognition of expertise in EDS/HSD
  • Mentoring and programmatic support
  • Opportunities for multi-site collaborative research
  • Access to the latest educational material for patients
  • Networking and referral pathways
  • EDS ECHO programming designed exclusively for Centers & Networks of Excellence

What are the criteria to join?

To be designated as a Center or Network of Excellence, applicants must meet minimum and supplementary criteria. You can find the criteria to join here.  

Can anyone apply?

Yes, all groups who meet the criteria are welcome to apply.

Can I apply at any time?

Application information and schedules can be seen on our Application Information page. We encourage every applicant to carefully to review the criteria before submitting their application.  

How do I apply?

We are currently accepting applications! We encourage you to review the criteria and submit your application using the link below.

Follow this link to access the CNE Application.

What is the difference between Centers & Networks? Can I participate in more than one?

One organization may not use the same staff to be a center AND a network, but centers and networks in similar geographical areas may choose to collaborate and/or establish referral pathways.  

What languages are currently supported?

Applications should be submitted in English where possible, but will be accepted in any language.

Note: At present, the CNE EDS ECHO program is only available in English. Translation and/or other language offerings may be available in the future.  

Can any country apply?

There are currently no restrictions on what countries may apply. Each group, regardless of country, will need to meet the criteria. 

Is a CNE designation the same as other national designations for EDS?

Each center or network must meet specific criteria and undergo a thorough review before receiving the designation. Our criteria are designed to be inclusive and promote equitable care around the world. They do not replace or replicate any similar programs run by regional, national, or governmental bodies. 

Is funding available?

Although funding is not available at this time, there are stipends for one delegate per group to attend the CNE Annual Conference.

Who reviews applications?

All applications that meet the criteria are reviewed carefully by a committee of experts in EDS and HSD, comorbidities, and community members.

How long is designation as a Center or Network valid?

Designation lasts for one year. To retain designation, Centers or Networks will participate in a review process.

More information about designation and re-designation will be available in the application packet sent out prior to the application cycle opening.  

When will I hear about my application?

All applicants will receive confirmation of their application submission. After the application cycle closes, the committee will review and reach a decision. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision to accept or decline in June (cycle 1) or December (cycle 2).  

My question wasn’t covered here. Who do I contact?

Please email for additional questions. You can also check our webpage for program information and updates.

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