2022 May Awareness – Social Media Challenge

Social Media Challenge

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What is the Social Media Challenge?

Join The Ehlers-Danlos Society to help increase awareness of EDS and HSD, globally, by taking on the Social Media Challenge during the month of May!

The Social Media challenge is a great way to raise awareness from wherever you are in the world! Be sure to update your social media profile picture with one of our official May Awareness Month frames.

Whether you like to share photographs, videos, vlogs, or written updates, each social media post = 1 act of awareness towards the global goal of 150,000 this May! Earn Society merchandise in our special May Awareness incentive tiers.

How can I take part in the Social Media Challenge? 

Use the daily themes below as prompts for your social media posts, photos, or videos. 

Tag @ehlers.danlos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok – we will repost and share as many photos and videos from the community as we can! 

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #MyEDSChallenge and #MyHSDChallenge in your posts and stories to reach more people and raise awareness. 

Submit your Acts of Awareness by June 7, 2022.


Daily Social Media Prompts: May 1 – May 31, 2022

  1. Meet me

2. My type of EDS or HSD

3. EDS or HSD in a day

4. Four facts about EDS or HSD

5. Myths I’ve heard

6. What you see, what you don’t see

7. #ZebraStrong

8. Awareness share – share our awareness infographics!

9. Mental Health Week

10. Coping/Grieving

11. What brings me joy

12. International Nurses Day – Nurses and healthcare professionals who listened to, and supported you

13. EDS ECHO Challenge

14. My favorite EDS or HSD life hacks

15. How long was your journey to diagnosis?

16. My EDS or HSD toolkit

17. Share a selfie

18. Nomination Challenge – People who have supported me

19. Things in my room that just make sense with EDS or HSD

20. Go #REDS4VEDS – wear red for vEDS awareness

21. World Meditation Day – How I relax

22. Things I wish you knew about EDS or HSD

23. Biggest achievement

24. Share a country/state statistic on EDS or HSD

25. Most challenging symptoms

26. My wish for EDS and HSD pathways to diagnosis

27. My wish for EDS and HSD research

28. Managing symptoms

29. What awareness means to me

30. Spotlight a different type of EDS or HSD

31. Community

How do I submit my Acts of Awareness? 

Submitting your social media posts is simple! Each social media post, video, or status = 1 Act of Awareness. 

  1. Submit your acts of awareness by Friday of each week in May using this form, attaching a screenshot of your social media posts or the URLs. This will help us to move our globe awareness counter closer to the goal of 150,000 acts of awareness throughout May! 
  1. Social media is a great way to reach people and raise awareness. Be sure to tag @ehlers.danlos in your posts and we will repost and share as many as we can! Don’t forget you can use Instagram’s #ActsofAwarenessChallenge sticker and donation stickers in your story posts to help encourage friends and family to take part too. 

Be sure to have submitted all of your Acts of Awareness by June 7, 2022, in order to claim your May awareness incentives.