May Awareness – Social Media Challenge

Social Media Challenge

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What is the Social Media Challenge?

Join The Ehlers-Danlos Society to help increase awareness of EDS and HSD, globally, by taking on the Social Media Challenge during the month of May!

The Social Media challenge is a great way to raise awareness from wherever you are in the world! Be sure to update your social media profile picture with one of our official May Awareness Month frames. Read on to learn more and take part.


How to take part

How can I take part in the Social Media Challenge?

Use the daily themes below as prompts for your social media posts, photos, or videos.

Tag @ehlers.danlos on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, or TikTok – we will repost and share as many photos and videos from the community as we can!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #MyEDSChallenge and #MyHSDChallenge in your posts and stories to reach more people and raise awareness. 

Participating in the Photo-A-Day Challenge was unexpectedly rewarding. I was shocked by the number of people who engaged, asked questions, and reflected; those who finally had an appreciation for my lived experiences rather than unwelcome pity. Marina

Daily Social Media Prompts: May 1 – May 31

Day 1: This is me 

Day 2: Diagnosis (or journey so far!) 

Day 3: Symptoms 

Day 4. A day with EDS/HSD

Day 5: School/Teachers 

Day 6: Management strategies 

Day 7: Comfort 

Day 8: Movement & activity 

Day 9: Inclusion 

Day 10: Mental Health 

Day 11: Nature/Environment 

Day 12: Nurses/Doctors 

Day 13: Medical Appointments 

Day 14: Explaining EDS/HSD 

Day 15: Staying home (Isolation)

Day 16: Coping

Day 17: Childhood

Day 18: Words to parents

Day 19: EDS/HSD in one photo 

Day 20: Behind-the-scenes 

Day 21: Wear #REDS4VEDS 

Day 22: Proudest moment

Day 23: Your wish for EDS/HSD 

Day 24: Future goals 

Day 25: Share your invisible 

Day 26: Self-care 

Day 27: Supports/Aids

Day 28: Act of kindness 

Day 29: Research hopes for our future 

Day 30: What is EDS ECHO? 

Day 31: Community